Song Wei | Porcelain Hamburger Abundance 余 | 2015 | Fiberglass Sculpture | 23cm x 23cm x 23cm

Song Wei | Porcelain Hamburger Abundance 余 | 2015 | Fiberglass Sculpture | 23cm x 23cm x 23cm

 Song Wei | Mulan | 2015 | Signed and Numbered Limited Edition Print on Archival Paper with Artist's Hand-drawn Details All Unique | 60cm x 60cm

Song Wei | Mulan | 2015 | Signed and Numbered Limited Edition Print on Archival Paper with Artist's Hand-drawn Details All Unique | 60cm x 60cm

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Red walls. Green grass. 
Shiny porcelain hamburgers. 
Blue-and-white motif porcelain bear. 
Colourful magnolia flowers blossoming in spring. 

Song Wei is arguably one of the most popular Chinese young contemporary artists Singapore has seen in the last 8 years. Since his debut here in 2008, Song Wei’s artworks have been selling like hot cakes. There has been an appreciation both in market prices as well as levels of interest in his paintings, sculptures and prints. Collectors and galleries alike – in Singapore, Taiwan and China – have high demands for his works produced in heart-wrenching details, and hence the limited numbers released each year.

A Sichuan Fine Arts Institute alumni, Song Wei has taught at this China’s oldest art academy with the highest of standards since he graduated in 2005. He is greatly influenced by zeitgeist – the defining spirit of a particular period of history as shown by the ideas and beliefs of that time. He is classically trained by traditional teachers and yet, managed to liberate himself and embrace new techniques and attitudes. This is much due to the contemporary changes in the Far East. Song Wei seeks to draw what his heart feels for the different matters defining his ever-changing world.

You will immediately recognise his highly distinctive styles and heritage motifs. The blue-and-white motifs found on Ming Dynasty porcelain vases remain his unique signature. Red walls with peeling paint and tattered surfaces, colourful magnolia flowers blossoming in springtime, playful themes of modern-day toys and amusement, as well as the much-loved motif-covered porcelain bear, all much-sought-after works of a successful yet humble young artist based in Chongqing, China.

Song Wei’s bears are often depicted in everyday situations: eating a lollipop, playing with toys, and even sitting on a toilet bowl. While his works appear joyous, carefree and fun loving, there are undoubtedly deeper meanings behind them. His paintings not only remember his childhood memories and adult experiences, but also reflect the impact of Western merchandise, the changes in Chinese values and mentality, traditions and modernisation, honesty and controversy, capitalism and consumerism, as well as the welding of Eastern and Western cultures in our metropolitan societies.

Most recently, one of his most iconic works has been specially courted by an international bank. Across the globe, his Porcelain Hamburger will be seen in the bank’s publicity advertisements on print. The image was specifically selected for its representation of a perfect marriage between East and West, the hybrid aesthetics of both cultures, and a perfect ambassador for a bank that serves the world.

Besides his popular Porcelain Hamburger sculptures, Song Wei is also presenting limited edition prints of his larger original oil paintings exclusively through ARTTAG circle. These signed and numbered prints are only available through ARTTAG circle. ARTTAG circle also accepts commissioned works for Song Wei. He has participated in Affordable Art Fair Singapore Spring 2015, the inaugural Affordable Art Fair Seoul 2015, Korea, a group exhibition "Art of Sensory Acquaintance with Sichuan", Daegu Art Fair 2015 and Affordable Art Fair Singapore Autumn 2015 with ARTTAG circle.

Song Wei 

1980    Born in Le Shan, Sichuan Province, China
2004    Bachelor of Arts, Oil Painting Department, Sichuan Institute of Fine Arts
2007    Master of Arts, Oil Painting Department, Sichuan Institute of Fine Arts

Solo Exhibitions

2013    Beary Ambitious 2 (Art Taipei 2013, Taipei, Taiwan)
2013    Beary Ambitious 2 (MAD Museum of Art and Design, Singapore)
2010    Beary Ambitious: Play (MAD Museum of Art and Design, Singapore)
2008    Beary Ambitious (Jasmine Fine Arts, Singapore)
2007    CHINA BLUE 2: MY BEAR AND I (Studio Rouge, Shanghai)
2006    China BLUE (Studio Rouge, Shanghai)

Group Exhibitions

2015    Affordable Art Fair Autumn Edition Singapore (ARTTAG circle, Singapore)
2015    Daegu Art Fair, Daegu, Korea (ARTTAG circle, Singapore)
2015    Art of Sensory Acquaintance with Sichuan, Singapore (ARTTAG circle, Singapore)
2015    Affordable Art Fair Seoul, Korea (ARTTAG circle, Singapore)
2015    Affordable Art Fair Spring Edition Singapore (ARTTAG circle, Singapore)
2009    30 DEGREE, Red Gate Gallery (Beijing, China)
2008    Asia Contemporary Art Exhibition, Pier 92 (New York, USA)
2008    Shanghai Art Fair (Shanghai World Trade Centre, Shanghai, China)
2008    Young Artists Growing Up – A Selection of Oil Paintings from Sichuan Institute of Fine Art, Today Art Museum (Beijing, China)
2007    Sand Castles, Yan Huang Museum (Beijing, China)
2006    China-Korea Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition (Busan, Korea)
2005    China-Korea Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition (Jinshan, China)
2004    Post Graduate Exhibitions Sichuan Institute of Fine Arts (Chongqing, China)








1980  生于中国四川乐山
2004  毕业于四川美术学院油画系并考获学士学位
2006  毕业于中国美术学院油画系并考获硕士学位


2013  雄心壮志:少年心,台北艺术博览会,台湾台北
2013  雄心壮志:少年心,复兴艺术馆,新加坡
2010  雄心壮志:乐趣,复兴艺术馆,新加坡
2008  熊心壮志,复兴艺术馆,新加坡
2007  中国蓝2:我和我的小熊,外滩红寨画廊,中国上海
2006  中国蓝,外滩红寨画廊,中国上海


2015   平易艺术博览会秋季新加坡(意殊圈,新加坡)
2015   大邱艺术博览会,大邱,韩国(意殊圈,新加坡)
2015   再现感官 . 重译四川(意殊圈,新加坡)
2015   平易艺术博览会,首尔,韩国(意殊圈,新加坡)
2015   平易艺术博览会春季新加坡(意殊圈,新加坡)
2009  30 DEGREE(红门画廊,中国北京) 
2008  亚洲当代艺术博览会(PIER92,美国纽约) 
2008  上海艺术博览会(上海世贸商城,中国上海) 
2008  杂烩川美—油画新人在成长(今日美术馆,中国北京) 
2007  聚沙塔—中国新锐绘画大奖展览(炎黄美术馆,中国北京)
2006  中韩当代艺术作品交流展(韩国釜山)
2005  中韩当代艺术作品交流展(中国金山) 
2004  四川美术学院研究生年展(中国重庆)