about ARTTAG circle

ARTTAG circle represents promising and emerging Asian artists with a focus on contemporary art. We keep ourselves open to innovative concepts and invigorating collaborations.

ARTTAG circle builds relationships with art lovers and collectors in Asia. With our base city Singapore, we extend to other cities - Chongqing, Sichuan, Taipei and Osaka. We represent artists from China, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore. While reaching out to established artists in the region, we are also eager to discover young talents. Through cross-cultural creative ideas and exciting new interpretations, we aim to provide refreshing perspectives in art and design, with works including paintings, photography, and sculpture. 

ARTTAG circle also provides customer and consultation services through online media and virtual gallery space. We participate in regional art fairs and organise exhibitions in order to engage, communicate and exchange ideas with more like-minded enthusiasts.

ARTTAG circle - first through art, then a circle of comrades.


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意殊圈 —— 以艺术为先,与同好结缘。


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about our Founders

Danny Yeo

Danny Yeo, with 20 years of rich career experience, is well regarded in Singapore for his many talents as a media personality, award-winning educator, theatre practitioner and published writer. After having collected art for 8 years, he was encouraged by artist-friends from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute to start ARTTAG CIRCLE LLP in 2015.

Danny firmly believes in establishing trusted relationships with both artists and clients. ARTTAG circle seeks to promote both established and emerging Asian artists, as well as to collaborate with innovative creators and like-minded art lovers. Head of Chinese Media  Digital Strategy and Deputy Editor at Singapore Press Holdings Ms Lee Kuan Fung calls him a “rare breed, one who adds a halo of light to whatever he touches” when writing about Danny’s venture into contemporary art business. An artiste and an arts practitioner for more than half his life, art is but a natural path for Danny to walk on.

Oh Chin Wee

Oh Chin Wee began his media career in 1996. He was first a radio producer-presenter, then a television news anchor, and finally an associate editor with SPH Magazines for 10 years. As a veteran journalist covering the art beat since 2005, he has interviewed many famous international artists: Zeng Fanzhi, Cai Guo-qiang, Zhang Dali, Quentin Shih, Zhong Biao, Gu Wenda, Ju Ming, Liu Kuo Sung, Koo Mei, Abdul Latiff Mohidin, Gerald Rancinan etc. He gained tremendous knowledge and insights from these expert sharing and exchanges, thus developing a deeper love for contemporary art. He started collecting from various Asian countries in 2007.

In 2015, he founded ARTTAG CIRCLE LLP with an equally passionate partner, Danny Yeo, turning what was once an occupational responsibility to a fervent professional pursuit. Through promoting artists and selling artworks, he continues to learn, think and share about art. He is grateful for the opportunities to befriend artists, connect with collectors and network with fellow gallerists. To him, getting encouragement from art lovers would be the biggest gain.







胡锦伟自1996年踏入社会至今,先后在新马来两地担任过电台广播员、电视台新闻主播和杂志编辑。作为一名资深和专业的媒体工作者,他在这些年的事业生涯中访问过许多杰出的艺术家,包括:曾梵志、蔡国强、张大力、时晓凡、钟飙、古文达、朱铭、刘国松、顾媚、Abdul Latiff Mohidin、Gerald Rancinan等东西方艺术名家,从他们的艺术理念中汲取许多宝贵的艺术知识与心得,也培养起对艺术的热爱和欣赏,并且加入艺术收藏的行列。